Cat mug

Cat mug

Have you just lost a dear friend not just a cat?

I know what it is like to loose a cat.

I lost my cat a few years back now and we all still talk about him.

He was not just a cat he was a family member as well.

We had him from a kitten for over 24 years and we recently found out if he was in Scotland he would have been the oldest cat in Scotland at the time of his death.

He was a true cat with 9 lives and he must have used all those lives twice over. And I thought what better way to remember him where we could still see him everyday.

So the cat remembrance mug was born so this one is very personal to not just me but the whole family as well.

I really hope you all enjoy.



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I am 55 (2020) I have worked all my life, mainly in the construction Industry whilst doing a bit on the web, with stores and shops on most of the selling platforms and more recently on Etsy. So the natural progression is a blog so here it is. I really hope you like it. Happy Reading and thanks for taking the time. Larry

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